Online Mathematics competition
for Primary School students
Trial round:Jul 25 – Sep 9, 2018
Main round:Sep 10 – 30, 2018

The BRICSMath competition is held on the platform DRAGONLEARN.IN

For BRICS countries
English, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi,
Chinese, and languages of South Africa
For Primary School students
Participation is free of cost

Trial round

Jul 25 – Sep 9, 2018

The trial round gives the learner the opportunity to practice before the main round.

The results of the trial round do not affect the main round.

Main round60 minutes

Sep 10 – 30, 2018

The learners have 60 minutes to complete the tasks of the main round. All learners can participate in the main round, including those who did not participate in the trial round.

The results for the main round will appear upon completion of the tasks.

About the competition

Thinking outside the box

The BRICSMath tasks empower students to develop out of the box thinking skills.

Feel the spirit of the tournament!

The BRICSMath is a large-scale competition reaching across borders to compete locally and internationally.

Examples of the tasks
Maria the Explorer

Why participate?

The main goal of the BRICSMath is to develop mindset and creative thinking. The gamified tasks help children learn in a fun and effective way.

The BRICSMath competition focuses on logical thinking and does not require any in-depth knowledge of the school curriculum.

All participants and teachers will be rewarded.


Awards will be available in the personal accounts after all participants have finished the main round.

To access your award and view the results login to your personal account on

Both students and teachers can download the awards.